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Owner's Corner

Owner of the Hoop Magicians. Muriel Howell.Your support over the past five years has motivated us to grow and expand…on and off the court.  “Thank You” to all who have hosted games or events with the Hoop Magicians.  Thank you for listening to our presentations and for meeting with us.  Hopefully, this is just the beginning of building long-term relationships.   


The Hoop Magicians are ready to bring in 2011 with a SLAM DUNK!!  New website…   New players…  New partnerships…  The list goes on and on…

We continuously strive to make a difference in the lives of others.  This year, 2011, will be no different.  It is with pleasure that I announce that we will donate $100 for each game we are booked to be shared equally between two deserving charities…Blind Children’s Fund (www.blindchildrensfund.org) and Central Children’s Home of North Carolina (www.centralchildrenshome.org).  Our goal is to raise $3,000 towards assisting these organizations.  This is a win-win project.  Not only does your organization benefit from hosting our fundraiser game, but now you have the opportunity to help others as well. 

We are truly excited about our partnerships with Albemarle Road Recreation Center and our cast of celebrities.  Want to join our movement of making things happen?  Give me a call!!!  Remember, as a TEAM… (Together Everyone Accomplishes More).

We truly hope you enjoy our site and continuously visit as you never know when we’re coming to a city near you.   

Thanks again for your unwavering support!

                      See you courtside!