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"See what others are saying about the Hoop Magicians."The Hoop Magicians provides fun and entertainment for fundraisers, half-time shows, educational assemblies, birthday parties, corporate events and family reunions.   Book a show with the Hoop Magicians.



"On behalf of Shamrock Gardens Elementary I want to thank you for your participation in our Character Education Program...  Our students were mesmerized by the Hoop Magicians' basketball skills, and the way you engaged the audience was an unforgettable experience...  Everyone had such positive feedback about your presentation...professional and entertaining!
I would recommend and hope that more schools in CMS get to take advantage of this group..."

Casandra B.
CMS Family/School Advocate
Shamrock Gardens Elementary School

"Great game on Saturday!  I really enjoyed the show.  My nephew talked about the team all day the next day and wore his Hoop Magician's head band."

Ivan L.
Charlotte, NC

"I would just like to thank you and the Hoop Magicians very much for giving of your time and talent to help make Sunday's game a success.  I surveyed some of the students and parents in the crowd and they really seemed to enjoy the performance.  I look forward to working with you in the future."

Tekeisha B.
The Charlotte 49ers
Department of Athletics
Charlotte, NC

"We all enjoyed the game on Saturday.  Julia proudly wore her t-shirt to school Monday morning and Ms. Lizzy will somehow include it in her book report."

Jordan W.
Charlotte, NC

"This was an awesome event.  The show touched everyone who attended.
Everybody had a great time.  They're still talking about it a week later."

Lelar D.
Great Falls, SC

"The players were dynamic...really entertaining."

Eddie H.
Palmer Springs, VA

"Just great!  The years to come will be fun to watch!!"

Andy G.
Charlotte, NC

"Thank you so much for participating in our half-time performance group asset.  It was a pleasure working with you on this from beginning to end.  Thank you also for the support you have given me and the Charlotte Bobcats.  You are a good friend."

Erin F.
Group Sales
Charlotte Bobcats